President-elect Joe Biden has started to put together a strong COVID Advisory Taskforce, but the team is still missing the keystone to success: representation of those most impacted by the pandemic. You can help us change that.

As COVID has run rampant, Marked By COVID has proven that we can break through the noise, capture the pulse of the community, and identify strategic solutions. Co-founder Kristin Urquiza’s speech at the DNC defined poor COVID leadership as the winning issue of the 2020 election; our message was adopted by groups from the Lincoln Project to the Biden Campaign, and our grassroots network was crucial to flipping Arizona.

Now Kristin needs our help to secure a seat on the Taskforce for herself or others #MarkedByCOVID to most effectively further our collective goals.

Sign now to demand a seat at the table for those #MarkedByCOVID.

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Help Marked By COVID demand a coordinated, data-driven, national response to the pandemic, uplift stories, support families as they plan honest obituaries and vigils, and hold elected officials accountable for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. DONATE NOW.