Call on our leaders to protect human lives.

Our governments at the federal level and in many states have done nothing to manage the pandemic, in many cases encouraging behavior that is accelerating the spread. Their inaction has already killed thousands and is needlessly putting millions more at risk.

Our leaders must immediately:

Isabelle Papadimitriou, 64, died of the coronavirus in Texas. Her daughter blamed Gov. Greg Abbott, invited him to her mother’s burial, and published the second #HonestObit.

1. Implement mandatory mask requirements until the virus is at manageable levels.

2. Proactively seek and follow the on-going advice of experts to develop re-opening strategies that prioritize human lives and workers’ rights.

3. Secure funds and build a safety net for people impacted by COVID, including providing financial support for non-essential workers to stay home and granting essential workers paid sick leave and hazard pay.

4. Protect workers’ rights to a safe workplace by opening only when it’s safe. This includes holding employers responsible for decreasing risk as much as possible in essential workplaces.

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